Take Two and Call Medicine Man Charters in the Morning


I’ve known Captain Ed for about 6 years now.  He is a man with a plan and plenty of jokes to keep the fish biting.  We went out today on a walleye charter in Canada waters where we could keep 6 walleye each.  I lost track of the upgrading we did to come in with a bucket full of finger licking good eaters.  Today’s trip included Steve Kovacs and his wife, Laurie, who was AMAZING.  She began fishing before she could walk.

The morning was custom ordered.  Light winds, warm temps, and a Ranger boat with a 300 Merc, 4 stroke on the back.  Pedal down to Motown on Lake St. Clair, one of the best fisheries in the United States.  Within 1.5 hours, we had our limit on the Detroit River, by the Canadian Club plant.  Figures.

Captain Ed said he could put us in the range of trophy smallmouth bass (my favorites) as soon as he cleaned the walleye and we headed back to the dock to regroup, slug some water and he  put the dressed walleye on ice. ”

We busted a move 7 miles to the land of Oz and sure enough, the smallies were hitting, but they were tricky devils.  We had the squirreliest minnows I’ve ever seen and they danced above the fish beds so we could land some lunkers.  Steve and Laurie both shouted “Fish On!” at the same time and there it was….a double.  Both fish were in the 19 to 20″ range and danced their way on top of the water, giving us all a heart attack.

Finally is was my turn.  I had a sketchy minnow who slinked in the shallows, over the fish beds and rocks until finally, a tug.  Then another tug.  When the moment felt right, I set the hook and landed a 20-1/4″ smallmouth.  He protested and spanked the surface, but Ed was quick with the net and we landed him.  3/4″ short of a Master Angler designation.  Still, a great fish and a fighter to the last.  We released all the bass, split the walleye and I made it back to Grand Blanc in time for my ballroom dance lessons.  Whew.  I stunk like fish but couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face when “Stayin’ Alive” played and we did the hustle.

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