Spirt Airlines Has No Soul


Knowing that Spirit Airlines is a discount adventure disguised as a “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” experience, I thought, “Why not?” and booked my first ticket with them to New Orleans.  The online booking was an adventure all by itself.  The fare was $2.00 but by the time you paid for a seat, a bag of peanuts, and toilet paper for every flush, it came up to $196, round trip.

It was all fun and games until the return flight home.  Somehow, within the booking process, I only paid to check my bag to NOLA and forgot to pay the additional $24 for its ride home. Of course, being me, I didn’t realize it until the ticket agent said, “Oh, so you have a bag to check?

The ticket agent informed me with a southern sweet tea voice which I ended up wanting her to choke on, “If you had booked the bag 24 hours in advance it would have only been $24.”  My ankles were sore and swollen from all the graveyard tours and that’s when my head spun around like Linda Blair’s as I screamed,  “W H A T !” (and it wasn’t a question) You are kidding me!”

That’s right, witch, rub some salt in it.

I could feel the heat in my body rise up from the Gates of Hell so I said again, just to be sure, “You mean it is $50 one way for one bag right now?”  Yep.  I just glared at her, dumbfounded.  I felt naked, alone, ravaged and ripped off.

There are times in life when one loses control and makes a complete jackass of themselves and lives to regret it.  This wasn’t one of them.

I said it loud and proud, “This is EXTORTION–Can’t you see THAT THIS IS EXTORTION…it’s not American.  I’m a first time customer and I’m willing to pay the $24, but asking $50 now is EXTORTION”  Then I turned around and told everyone within 50 feet of the counter that this airline was a joke.  This airline sucks.  This airline can suck my lady balls.

Eventually, my husband showed up with the bail money.



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