Officer Friendly

In the 60′s while in elementary school, each year we were subjected to an hour long session with Officer Friendly. He spoke about “Stranger Danger” and candy and helping people find lost pets. His badge was polished and his gun was holstered. He brought coloring books for us. I thought he was friendly until he put me in “time out” in 1st grade for reading ahead in my Officer Friendly book.

The following year we had a different man show up, an imposter, pretending to be Officer Friendly. He arrived with polished black shoes and that same blinding badge, but I wasn’t convinced he was the real deal. I remembered the one from the year before so I went up to him and asked him to show me his gun. He, of course, said no. I was put in “time out” again.

That’s the last time I showed any initiative in school. The end.

#Trama #PTSD

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