Die Another Day


Star trek and Star Wars junkies, Elvis fanatics, and die hard Nascar fans move over.  I am missing my Bond, James Bond, my one and only Bond:  Sean Connery.   I am missing the campy movie titles that miraculously passed 1960′s sensorship:  Goldfinger, The Man With the Golden Gun, Moonraker (backdoor Bond), and the legendary Octopussy.  Sean Connery’s Bond was THE 1960′s ladies man –with a twinkle.

Bond movies are famous for their music and double entendre titles coupled with adventure, action, and the debut of a new Bond girl.  The women have gotten “hotter” over the decades, but  the titles like Skyfall, License to Kill, and Live Another Day are tame–like the other Bond men.  Sean Connery is the only one that stirs my martini.  Since I must, I will make an exception for Daniel Craig; he almost takes me to my happy place.




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