Lookie Here

Everyday I come across something that catches my eye. Usually it is a tool of some kind for the office, the barn, or the kitchen. Sometimes things that are put back into use or re-purposed make me get all antsy in the pantsy.  This is the spot where I kiss and tell.  Follow me and discover all kinds of new things to read, make or buy.   These are the hints, things, and tricks that spell AWESOME.



01.06.2012  Every once in a while I come across a publication that I just can’t put down…like Western Horseman. I read it for the articles.  Others look at all of the rugged cowboys with square, sandpaper faces and leather chaps busting broncs on the Texas plain with a can of chew in their back pocket and a red bandanna tied just so.

07.13.2012  Friday the 13th!!  Excellent night to mention knives.  If you don’t have a ceramic knife set, run-don’t walk-and get a set.  These things blow Cutco knives away.   Really saves time in the kitchen when prepping veggies and raw sweet potatoes cut like butter!


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