Camping Cake

  Stressed is Desserts Spelled Backwards 

 Coincidence?  I think not.

I’m about to share with you, my friend, a super secret super easy single serving cake recipe perfect for your next camping adventure.

Bake it using caution:  at minimum have a frosty mug of creamy, whole milk at the ready.

Shopping List:

1 – box  angel food cake mix

1- box any other cake mix (I used strawberry cake mix)

1- gallon size Ziploc bag


Toss the two dry cake mixes into a Ziploc bag and knead until mixed.  Stow it in your camper or your cabinet until you are ready for a single serve of sweetness.


3-2-1  Recipe:  (Trust is a must or your game is a bust)

To a coffee cup or paper bowl add:

3   tablespoons of cake mix

2  tablespoons of water

–Microwave this for

1  minute!


You can top your cake with some powdered sugar, some canned frosting, a dollop of whipped topping or fresh fruit.  The possibilities are endless.

Always remember that one of the cake mixes has to be angel food.  Experiment with other cake flavors like pineapple, lemon, carrot, chocolate, or red velvet for the second choice.  Storage of the mix is simple:  toss it on a shelf–no need to refrigerate because it is dry.


Juice Pops

Dear Ben and Jerry,

It has been great over the years, but we’re through. You didn’t do anything wrong, it is me that has changed. I’ve been growing. I’m all done looking at a pint of ice cream and gaining ten pounds. It’s been real and it’s been fun, but it hasn’t been real fun–my pants don’t fit.

I’ve found someone new.  Mr. Juicer.   No more hiding out in a closet for a quickie. I’m going green (and red, and orange, and purple) with frozen juice pops!   These cold, sweet treats are full of nutrients and fun.  Admit it, I get points for using nutrients and fun in the same sentence.

Pass the Pineapple, Cherry, & Orange

My new favorite summer treat to make is homemade frozen fruit juice pops. Throw in a big carrot for good measure. Get yourself a lean, mean juicing machine and create new combinations all you want, guilt free.

I have to thank my cousin, Sandy, for introducing us.  She told me Mr. Juicer was interested in experimenting and would work with the touch of a button.   Now I make my own Cherry Garcia using my own cherries from the trees on our farm.  Our side yard has a mature grape vine that is loaded with seedless green grapes.  The strawberries and raspberries have already come in.   My pear tree is producing and I see blueberry bushes in my future this fall.

Just looking at these pops gets me excited.  “I’ll take two.”

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