The WalkyDog

Cock a Doodle Doo

Daybreak and those damn chattering squirrels and tweety birds wake Remi up. She then stands over me, her morning breath inches from my face, until my inner self becomes aware that there’s a stalker staring at me in bed. I reach over and close the curtains in the Hen House with the hope that my camping partner will take a hint and GO LAY DOWN. 30 seconds later: Round two.

Remi starts pawing the blankets and nosing my forearms to pet her. I give her a few reluctant, half-hearted pats. I look around and find her rawhide bone and flip it at her. She’s not having it. Miss Relentless starts bringing me toys and shoving her cold, wet nose into my ear as I try and roll over. When all else fails, she literally starts sitting on top of my head. Fine. I get up, put on my pants, socks, shoes and let her out on her line. That gives me time for a spritz and a little make up. I brush my hair and teeth (with different brushes) and we are ready for another day in paradise, camping up north, exploring the timber trails.

Squirrel Heaven

Only next time I’m set on Revenge. The WalkyDog® dog bike leash lets you safely take your dog with you on bike rides. Their ad sounds promising: “Now you can bring your best buddy along for a bike ride and maintain control. It puts you in control – not your dog.” watch?v=qNW4AtiFgTE&feature=relmfu%22%20title=%22WalkyDog%20Bike%20Leash

My plan was only half baked. Next I needed a bike. After snearching around on and settling on a FOLDING (!!) pedal assist electric bike for two tracking and exploring, my mind’s eye flashed back to my great-Grandma Place who retired to Florida and rode around in the 1970′s on a three wheeled bike with a big metal basket. She would have given her false teeth for peddle assist!

Remi has no idea what is in store for her on our next trip. We are headed to Tahquamenon Falls State Park with the WalkyDog and the Bike. (insert evil grin) I can’t wait to hear the chitter of those buck toothed rascals in the morning. Sure squirrels are cute–after 10 a.m. Once the dog starts the morning shenanigans, she is getting a WalkyDog whip-tail. The bike goes 40 miles on every charge.

Afterwards, I’ll set the kickstand and grab me a nice cold one out of the fridge and sit in peace on my favorite chair, reading a book while the sun continues to crest above and the air warms in its rays! I might even set out a few peanuts.

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