There’s a little something on our farm for everyone in my family. I raise goats and love to fantasize that I am a “real farm wife”. You know, one that can milk a cow with one hand tied behind her back or washes sheets on an old washboard in the backyard while the lids on the last batch of canned tomatoes rattle on the stovetop.

Just because I grew up in the heart of Chicago and I don’t have a lick of real farm common sense, doesn’t mean I’m not a farm girl through and through. I have the necessary flock of laying hens (my girls), my own barn, and a lot of imagination.

The truth be told, we are a large hobby farm. Over the years we’ve raised three children on this farm and now, with more time on our hands, my husband and I concentrate on wildlife conservation, getting muddy, and having picnic lunches on a blanket on the ground.

We actually have “real” jobs, but if you define a job as something that gives you pleasure and satisfaction, then farming is our real job.


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